Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Madgaon to Palolem


After appreciating the natural beauty of Konkan we again dozed off and when we got up the train has reached Sawantwadi. Post this, we enter Goa. We had tea in the train and around 10 am we got off at Madgaon. Since Mr. Professor (Ashish is a physics professor) was busy cleaning is college (There was a cleanliness drive in his college), his father had come to pick us up at the station. We dumped our luggage in the boot of Alto and off we were to Ashish’s place. His place was a ten minute drive from the station. We met his wife Charitra and his mom and enjoyed the breakfast with tea and coffee. Ashish came home around 11:30 and the only thing he cleaned in the college was his own drawer :p

We then picked up our Activas. Ashish has already booked two brand new activas for us. Thank God for that else we would have been in trouble. Because of the long weekend Goa was packed and there was shortage of Activas and the available ones were going at a step rent of Rs 1,000 per day… shocking!!! (We got for Rs 300 per day).

We again went to Ashish’s place, picked up Charitra, their luggage and booze (2nd Oct is a dry day so Ashish has bought it before hand).

Finally we were off and heading to Palolem. Nikita and I were on two Activas and Ashish, Charitra, Nikhil and Parth sat comfortably in the car.

Madgaon to Palolem is 40 Kms approx with beautiful roads, lots of greenery, up and down few hills.

We had already made our booking in Castle House on Palolem - Patnem Road for three nights. We checked in the hotel around 1:00 pm. We all had a shower and realized that we were famished. Ordered food and played a round of pool. We had a late lunch as the service of the restaurant was quite slow (as per Mumbai standards).

After late lunch and some time pass we headed to Palolem Beach. The first sight of Palolem beach was beautiful. There was not much crowd of the beach.. we could see that there were hardly any shacks on the beach. The work for building shacks was in progress. 

First View of Palolem Beach

A boat on the beach

Palolem Beach

People enjoying a dip in the sea
The beach was clean and the water clear. There were many people enjoying a bath in the sea water, kids making castles, boys playing football etc. We saw the sun set from the beach and strolled around.

Playing football on the beach

The Sunset

Colours in the sky
After the sunset we headed back to our hotel and played a board game – Settlers of Catan (Ashish is crazy about board games).

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