Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last day in Goa


Early morning we drove to the deserted Galjibag Beach again. The morning on the beach was fantastic. It was high tide and therefore the sea was rough. The beach was empty and undisturbed. We all enjoyed the strong sea, its madness and its solitude. Since it was our last day in Goa we had to keep a tab on time and therefore headed to our hotel.

Galjibag Beach
We checked out of the hotel around 10:30 am and headed to Agonda Beach. 

Agonda Beach was fifteen mins drive from Palolem. Agonda beach stretches long almost 3 kms, the water is calm and shallow. From the looks of it I can say that it is a beach as popular as Palolem. There were many workers making shacks and wooden huts for accommodation. It seems the Goa season will be on pretty soon.

After Agonda, we were on our way to Caso De Rama. It is a fort. After a long drive to the fort and climbing the ghats and loads of curves on the road we reached the fort. We dint see the fort much as it was extremely hot. We just saw the view of the Arabain Sea from the fort which was mesmerizing. The sea looks so quiet from the fort. There is a church inside the fort as well.

View from Caso De Rama
Our next stop was Cavelossium Beach. Our only reason to stop at this beach was its popularity. We have heard a lot about this beach. The beach water was crystal clear and one can see the colour of their foot’s nail polish. This was the only beach which had water sports. We saw tourist doing parasailing and riding water scooter. This beach had right amount of frolic and peace. Not too isolated as Galjibag and slightly more urban than Palolem.

Many luxury hotels are on this beach. Since we were running out of time we din’t wait much on this beach and headed to Madgaon. We bought some cashews from Madgaon and had lunch at a restaurant called Krishna. After the lunch we bought Babinca enroute station.
We caught Kokan Kanya from Madgaon Station at 04:45 pm.

Once the train started moving from the station the only thought on everyone’s mind was - Goa Trip was over. These four days were over so fast… We reached Mumbai (Dadar) at 5:30 am. Took local train and were home around 6:15 am.

South Goa is much quieter and not much hot and happening like North Goa. It is suggested for a pleasant and peaceful stay where you don’t want to be disturbed at all with anything around.

Whenever we want to hop from one beach to another, ride a bike in a carefree mood, to get lost in tons of beer and finally to slow the pace of life we should head straight to Goa. While the sun, sand and sea are the first images that comes to one’s mind when we hear the word ‘Goa’, in reality this state is blessed with so much more natural beauty. Next time when you go to Goa soak in the beauty that Goa is blessed with.

With Love:  
I would like to thank Ashish & Charitra for the amazing hospitality. Ashish, we had amazing fun with the Board Games. Parth if you were not leading us then we won’t have reached the waterfall…thanks buddy.. Nikki… you are a rockstar with Activa… and Nikhil for your awesome DSLR.

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