About Me

They say Finance people are boring people, with single aim of playing with numbers and to make money and more money.

From equity, to mutual funds, to balance sheets, to financial ratios.

The world is fast changing environment where everyone is also racing against each other, to reach somewhere. I am part of this race and am running as fast as possible, stumbling here and there, and learning from each hurdle getting up and dusting myself and running again. That's what we are and that' what we do, race.

But in the whole mix of things I do love to get out of the race, take a breather, pack my bag, grab my camera and go out into the country!

I am an enthusiastic traveler, who prefers to have the control and direction of my journey in my own hands.

Interestingly, I have never traveled out of India, not because I have not finished explore this mesmerizing country. But because even been a finance person I have not been able to make much money to travel abroad (That’s the irony of life).  

I just know one thing - There is so much to see, so many people to meet.

Here in India, time is money. But how much can you run? What is the point in earning money when you don’t have time to spend it? To enjoy life? To appreciate the gift of Mother Earth?

Take a breather and travel with me and experience the joy of travelling.

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