Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Day of Beaches


Once up we headed to the swimming pool. After a swim we all got ready for a day to hit the beaches of South Goa. We were four people on two Activas. We first went to Palolem Beach to buy a pair of slippers for me. (Remember, yesterday my slippers got washed away by water)

Traffic Jam at Palolem Beach
Our first beach was Rajbagh Beach. It is a beach where The Lalit is located. The beach was white, clear and virgin. We saw a group of fishermen getting ready with their fishing net to head to the sea.

Rajbagh Beach

Fishermen getting the net ready
After Rajbagh, we drove further south to Galjibagh Beach. Enroute we saw Talpona Beach. Galjibagh Beach was a virgin beach with absolutely no soul on this long stretched pristine beach lined with trees. It is some 20 mins drive from Palolem and is Goa’s best kept secret.

Sea at Galjibagh Beach

The Virgin Beach
After spending some time on this beach and deciding to visit this beach the next day in the morning we headed to Karwar. Karwar is 40 kms from Palolem and is the first beach in Karnataka from Goa. Karwar Beach was way less crowded and much cleaner than Palolem.
We were hungry and had lunch at a restaurant in Karwar. 

Sea at Karwar Beach

Karwar Beach (Karnataka) 

Warship Museum at Karwar
On our way back we stopped over to see Polem Beach which is the last beach of Goa.

View of the sea while heading back to Goa

Polem Beach
We then headed back to our hotel as Ashish and Charitra will be joining us in the evening.
Once in hotel we refreshed and this time Ashish made us place another board game – Cosmic Encounters. It took a lot of explanation by Ashish for us to understand the game.

Ride Back to Goa

Fields along the road
Setting of sun amidst sea, sand and trees

Crossing the Bridge 

After playing the game and the girls defeating the boys we went to Palolem Beach to have dinner. We headed to Dropadi and realized that it is full and on top of that they don’t have a waiting number system. We have to catch hold of a table when one is empty. It was like catching hold of a seat in government bus. After lot of waiting and watching we finally got hold of a table. We ordered food and since it was taking long for the food to come, we all decided to take a power nap. After the nap and the food we headed to our hotel and slept like a dog.

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