Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Trek to Remember


We got up early (6:30 am) and headed to Columb Beach. Columb Beach was walkable distance from our hotel and therefore, we ditched the car. Ashish, Charitra, Nikhil and Parth walked to the beach whereas Nikita and I rode our Activas.

The lane to the beach is very small and it seems as if the beach is hidden. The beach is indeed lovely. Just at the opening of the beach there are large rocks which make a good location for pictures. 

Entrance to Columb Beach

Columb Beach
After taking pictures at the rocks we strolled on the beach. We saw lot of dead jelly fish on the shore. There was no one on the beach except us.

Boats at Columb Beach

Dead Jelly Fish
The water is calm; one can walk into the sea, splash and even swim.

After a nice stroll we headed back to our hotel. After breakfast in the hotel we all were ready to head to Netravali waterfall. Netravali Waterfall is approx 35 kms from Palolem. 

This time we took one Activa as it is going to be a long ride and we thought we can keep changing the rider. From Palolem we headed to NH 17 towards Karwar and took the second left to enter the Forest Area.

NH 17

The fields
The ride to Netravali Waterfall is any riders delight. Awesome roads, beautiful scenery…

The drive to Netravali Waterfall was dotted with small villages, tiny bridges over streams and lush green fields. In the distance, we could see hills rising into the sky, a fine mist settling on their tops. 

View from the road

The ghats
As we moved further, the forest became more and more dense with many ups and downs.

Through the forest
Enroute Netravali Waterfall we came across a small waterfall.

Enrote - A waterfall
After beautiful drive of one and a half hour, we have to start walking. Once off the main road, we followed a narrow jungle trail. 

Start of the Trek
A one hour trek through the jungle goes through numerous streams that need to be crossed. 

One of the stream which we crossed

The Trek to the waterfall
The trail curved its way gently up the hill, dodging trees and rocks. The terrain got steeper and forest got denser as we walked towards the waterfall. The sounds of birds echoed as we made our way higher up.

You have to cross so many like these

Isn't it beautiful?

You have to cross this to reach the Waterfall

The final trek to the waterfall proved to be the toughest with the path virtually non-existent and the rocks slippery. After trekking for more than an hour we heard the sound of water falling from a height. We finally saw the waterfall. It was a magnificent sight. After trekking through the forests for one and a half hour, viewing the waterfall is a memorable experience. Water fell from the rock from a height of 50 feet, crashing with a roar at the bottom. We all were mesmerized with the view.

Netravali Waterfall
After clicked numerous snaps in different poses and taking in the view of the waterfall we decided to head back. Just when we were about to complete our trek I lost one slipper to water. The water just took it away. Post that I had to walk barefoot and I realized that I have lost the art of walking barefoot. It took us 51 mins to reach our car. Excited we headed back to our hotel leaving behind Netravali but carrying a host of rich memories. If you like adventure and trekking then this is the place to be.

If you plan to take this trek to the waterfall please ensure the following:
1.      An adequate supply of water
2.      First Aid Kit
3.      Follow the markings to the waterfalls made by the Forest department.
4.      Do not get over drunk
5.      Do not wait to descend until dark
6.      To walk carefully when you cross numerous streams on the way to the waterfalls

As we started descending the ghats, it had become cloudy. Just when we crossed the ghats it has started drizzling and eventually raining heavily. Nikita and I were on activa and we rode to our hotel slowly and carefully as the visibility were very low because of heavy rains.

View On our way back
Once in the hotel we had a shower and called for tea and pakodas. Ashish and Charitra headed back to Madgaon as Ashish had to give a lecture and Charitra had to go to work on Saturday. We had our dinner in the hotel and called it a day as we all were tired after the long trek. 

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