Thursday, 14 August 2014

Udaipur - The Lake City


We woke up late next day and then went for breakfast in our hotel. After a nice breakfast enjoying the view of #Lake Pichola we headed to #Jagdish Temple which was walking distance from our Hotel.

Jagdish Temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. It is a temple as beautifully carved as the ones seen in South India. The carvings on the stone are really impressive and you will find yourself staring at them for a while.

After the temple visit we headed for a guided tour of the #City Palace which is located on the bank of Lake Pichola. Many parts of the palace have magnificent work with glass and many rooms also have mesmerizing paintings made directly on the wall. Any visitor to the palace museum should not miss out the peacock courtyard, which is the most beautiful courtyard of the palace. 

City Palace
Cannons at the entrance of City Palace
City Palace Peacock Courtyard
Peacock Courtyard

City Palace Sheesh Mahal
Sheesh Mahal

City Palace
Coloured Glass Work
When we visited the City Palace it was extremely crowded and at times it was suffocating because of the narrow pathways that the Palace has.

City Palace View
City View from the Palace

Lake Pichola from City Palace
Lake view from the Palace
After the City Palace we made our way to the city’s another landmark #Sahelion Ki Bari. The garden is beautiful but not extraordinary. It is a garden with beautiful fountains. It is said that the garden was built for the queen of Udaipur.

Sahelion Ki Bari
Sahelion ki Bari
After a nice sumptuous meal, the men of the team went to the hotel to take a nap and the ladies strolled the market near the hotel for shopping. Visit to a place is not complete without bringing back a couple of memorabilia. We bought few more jutis and beautiful neck pieces.  

In the evening we headed to Lake Pichola for a boat ride. The boat ride gave us the opportunity to see the #Lake Palace and #Jagmandir from a distance. The Lake Palace is a luxurious hotel today in the middle of the lake. It appears as if the palace is floating in the blue water of Lake Pichola.

Sunset from Lake Pichola
Beautiful Sunset
Palace and lake both take on a spectacular glow with the illuminations at twilight, leaving us entranced with their almost ethereal beauty.
Lake Palace
The Lake Palace

City Palace from Lake Pichola
The City Palace from the Lake
After the beautiful boat ride we went to 3Bagore ki Haveli which is located at Lake Pichola for a folk cultural show (a must watch, evening show from 7 pm to 8 pm). The cultural show 3Darohar (meaning Heritage) showcases the various folk dances of Rajasthan like kalbelia and teratal manjira dance among others.

Darohar - The cultural program
It’s a small informal gathering in the courtyard of the haveli. The host introduces us to the history and origin of various Rajasthani dance and other folk arts before the artists perform them. The show ends with the performance of a dancer dancing on the glass pieces while balancing 13 pots on her head. The performances were mesmerizing and the atmosphere was electrifying.

Rajasthani Dance
Folk Dance
Since its one of the favourites especially among the foreigners the whole courtyard gets filled quickly going early and securing a seat would not be a bad idea; else you might have to stand at the back. The road to haveli is congested and parking is a huge problem so keep this in mind if you plan to reach there in a self driven vehicle.

Rajasthani Folk Dance
Rajasthani Group Dance

Rajasthani Dance
The Balancing Act
After the mesmerizing Rajasthani folk dance we headed to our hotel where we enjoyed our dinner at the terrace taking in the view of the lake and keeping myself warm in November cold night of Udaipur. A mild breeze blowing on a full moon starry night with a nice view of the lake was the perfect setting for spending a few hours.

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