Monday, 11 August 2014

Ajmer & Pushkar

Good Morning!!!

After having aloo ke parathe and curd for breakfast we checked out from our hotel and headed to Ajmer.

#Ajmer is 130 kms from #Jaipur and the roads are smooth. Ajmer is a small and unplanned city. The road leading to the #Dargah is narrow and crowded. You cannot take your car till the dargah and thus we had to park our car and walk down to the holy place. One interesting thing to note is that since there is not ample space for car parking people are giving their house’s courtyard for parking for a fee.

The Dargah attracts people of all religion, caste and creed.   It is believed that whatever one prays here is granted to him as a boon.

It was Monday but still there was huge crowd inside and near the dargah. There are umpteen shops selling flowers and offerings for the dargah.  

There is no separate queue for women to get inside the main dargah which is normally the case in most of the dargah’s where I have been. At many stages, I almost gave up anticipating a stampede or the fear of getting my ribs crushed.

People tie threads on the doors asking for wishes, showing their faith.

10 Mins walk from the dargah is #Dhai din ka Jhopra. It is said to be made in two and a half day.

#Taragarh Fort is located on a hill. We thought that it is a fort but we were wrong. It ia a dargah on a hill. If you are not interested in one more Dargah, you can miss this.

We headed to #Pushkar which is around 12 kms on the other side of the ghat. En-route Pushkar we visited #Anna Sagar Lake. It is a huge lake with fountains and a garden.

After we reached Pushkar, we checked in our hotel. It was a basic hotel with huge garden. The room was big and bathroom huge. The hotel is surrounded by the Aravalli Range on all sides. We had our lunch in the hotel itself and after resting for sometime headed towards the Brahma Temple.

Needless to say, #Brahma Temple is the reason we went there and was undoubtedly the highlight of the visit. They don’t allow camera, bags, etc. inside and you can deposit these at one of the shops near the temple. When we went to the temple there were not many people around and that gave us ample time to spend in the temple.

The feeling you get in the temple is beyond words and if you are religious or spiritual person, you’ll be amazed.

Post the Brahma Temple we decided to take a stroll in the market which will show us the day to day life and colour of Pushkar’s life and which will also show us the famous ghats of Pushkar.

During our stroll in Pushkar we reached the area where the #Camel Fair has just about ended. But the area was still bustling with activity, there were shops selling winter wear, kitchen utensils made of iron, pickles, eateries, rides for children.

It was getting very cold and we decided to have dinner in our hotel. 

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