Thursday, 14 August 2014

Jaisalmer to Udaipur


It was my anniversary today. And what a day it was, the only day in our trip when we were not seeing any city. We were on the road the entire time. Today was the day when we had to cover  500 kms approx from #Jaisalmer to #Udaipur.

There is not much that we did today. On our road trip from Jaisalmer to Udaipur we crossed a place (I can’t remember the name) which is famous for its marbles. There were lines of shops displaying marbles adjacent to the road.

During this long drive, we realized that Rajasthan roads are good. They are not express highways having four lanes or six lanes but simple well maintained two way roads.

We also stopped over and bought custard apple from the local ladies selling the fruit on the highway. The orchards are located in this area and therefore the fruits were available for peanuts.

Just 55 kms before Udaipur, we decided to offer prayer to one of the most popular temple of Shri Krishna, #Shreenathji at #Nathdwara.

Our driver briefed us about the history of Nathdwara. The idol of Shree Krishna was being bought from Mathura to safeguard it from the Mugal Emperor who was adamant to destroy all the Hindu Temples. The wheel of the chariot in which the idol was kept got stuck at this place. The people saw it as assign that the Lord wants to be settled here and thus the temple was made here.

The temple has specific timings when it opens for darshan. Every time it opens there is a mad rush to get inside. There is utter chaos inside and the crowd is like a directionless mob. After the jostling, you hardly get few seconds for darshan. No photography is allowed in Nathdwara.

After the energy draining darshan we all needed a cup to tea for rejuvenate. After a cup of tea, we headed to our last destination of our trip – Udaipur.

As always, I had booked our stay at #Mewar Haveli located near the Lake. When we reached our hotel I was in for two surprises. First, our driver, Radhey Krishna presented us with a picture of ‘Radhey Krishna’ as wedding anniversary gift. I have no clue from where he bought it, I am assuming he picked it up from Nathdwara. The gift totally represents him and is now beautifully adorned in my room.

The second surprise came from my parents in law. They had somehow arranged to send a bunch of roses, a cake and loads of wishes on our special day to our hotel. I had a beautiful wedding anniversary dinner on the roof top of the hotel, cutting the cake, smiling at the flowers, enjoying the lake and the palaces glittering in the night with my husband and my best friend.

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