Friday, 15 August 2014

Adieu to Rajasthan


Today is the last day of our trip and as such we had nothing planned for the day. We had an early evening flight from #Udaipur which meant that we still had half a day to enjoy the Venice of the East.

After our breakfast and checking out of the hotel we again went on a stroll on the bylanes of Udaipur. My friend, Pramod was hell bent on buying a sack of camel leather but he couldn’t find anything in his budget. Finally he found a place and the bag which he wanted. He realized that today is the last day and he has to buy a bag. Knowing me well he asked me to negotiate. And after negotiating for more than half an hour we could finally get his bag for half the price. The glitter in his eyes and the smile on his face was priceless.

After his victory, we proceeded to #Fateh Sagar Lake. It is an artificial lake and the water is calm and the surroundings peaceful. If you like water sports then there is a facility to rent speed boat and water scooter.

After enjoying the serene and picturesque lake we headed to #Sajjangarh Fort which is also known as the #Monsoon Palace. Sajjangarh Fort is a little drive away from the city and is on top of a small hill. The Fort gives a wonderful paranomic view of Udaipur City.

Sajjangarh Fort
Palace Front

There is an entry ticket and extra charge for the vehicle. The climb to the palace is steep and full of turns. The palace is not well maintained and there is hardly anything to see other than the spectacular view from the palace. From the front of the palace you can see the whole Udaipur including the lakes. The back of the palace gives you a beautiful sunset view.

Sajjangarh Fort

Sajjangarh Fort
Inside Sajjangarh Palace
We headed to the airport after enjoying the bird’s eye view of Udaipur. We bid good bye to our 9 day trip partner, Radhey Krishna. We still had lot of time for our flight and all of us were silently lost in their own thoughts. Some of us might be thinking of tomorrow – office, local train, traffic… but I was thinking about few days that I had spent in Rajasthan.

Driver in Rajasthan
Mr. Radhey Krishna, (with his proud moustache) who has taken us around Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one state which has brought India on the tourist world map. And rightly so.  It is a gamut of Royal Palaces, History, Forts, Sand dunes, Temples, Colours, Landscapes, Culture, Market, Cuisine and much more….  

Rajasthan is a photographer’s delight, with its arid landscape scattered with people wearing vibrant coloured clothes. The place completely rocks for anyone with a camera - professionals, amateurs, wanna be photographers as well as non-photographers. It is tough to go wrong with the pictures, even if that is the intent! Click people, forts, camels, lakes, temples, shops, monkeys, crows, sadhus and so on...and trust me, everything will come out beautifully :)

With this our incredible trip to The Land of Rajas comes to an end…

I will be back with more trips and more experiences.

Till then, Ram Ram Sa ..

Btw this is us...

Group Picture
Me, Nikhil, Pramod, Tarushi & Preeti 

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