Sunday, 13 December 2015

Kerala & Lakshadweep Island

Hi there, it’s been a while right?... Well, I am just back from a ten day vacation to two of the most beautiful places in India – Kerala and Lakshadweep. More precisely, I am right now in my room, sorting pictures and reliving the vacation.

Again, this year we were the same four and a half people - Pramod, Preeti, their three and a half year old daughter Taashi, Nikhil and me. Another friend of ours Parth, joined us for the stint in Lakshadweep.

Kerala has been very aptly called “God’s own Country”. Kerala which shares the southern tip of India with Tamil Nadu has been blessed with beautiful beaches, backwaters, gentle people, tropical climate, tea & coffee plantations, fresh spices, a unique culture…. Nestled between the green Western Ghat Mountains on the East the Arabian Sea on the west, dense forests, emerald backwaters, exotic wildlife, serene beaches makes it’s a travelers delight.

Lakshadweep is a cluster of islands which is full of sun kissed beaches, white sand, turquoise sea water, swaying palms, serene atmosphere, colourful corals, blue lagoons …

Main Islands in Lakshadweep are Kavaratti (Capital of Lakshadweep), Kalpeni, Minicoy (Closest Island to Maldives), Kadmat, Agatti (has Airport) and Bangaram (only island of Lakshadweep where liquor is permitted).  

Our itinerary for the trip was as follows:

Day 1
Mumbai - Kochi – Alleppey
Day 2
Day 3
Alleppey – Willington Island in Kochi - Cruise to Lakshadweep
Day 4
Minicoy Island
Day 5
Kalpeni Island
Day 6
Kavaratti Island
Day 7
Willington Island in Kochi - Munnar
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
Periyar - Athirapally Waterfall - Kochi - Mumbai

In this vacation we used three modes of transportation – Air, Water and Road.

Air – Mumbai to Kochi and back.

Water – Entire Lakshadweep. From Willington Island in Kochi to Minicoy Island, Kalpeni Island, Kavaratti Island and back to Willington Island.

Road – Kochi to Alleppey. And then again from Willington Island in Kochi to Munnar to Periyar to Athirapally Waterfall to Kochi Airport.

Enough of munching of words… now let’s get some pictures talking…

Minicoy Lighthouse
View from Minicoy Lighthouse

Minicoy Beach
Enjoying the view at Minicoy Beach

Sunset from the Ship
Sunsets from the Ship

Kalpeni Beach
Kalpeni Beach

Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep
Sea at Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep

Spices at Munnar, Kerala
Berries in Munnar, Kerala

Sunrise at Munnar, Kerala
Sunrise at Munnar, Kerala

Enroute Munnar, Kerala
Enroute Munnar, Kerala

Bird Watching at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Bird Watching at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala Martial Arts
Kerala Martial Arts

Boating at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Boating at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Alleppey Backwaters
Alleppey Backwaters

Athirapally Waterfall, Kerala
Athirapally Waterfall, Kerala

Iddukki Lake, Kerala
Iddukki Lake, Kerala

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